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Solar System Puzzle

Rp 1.390.000

Here is Treasure With Jennifer Solar System displayed in a beautiful walnut wood base with colorful watercolor paintings printed on the planets. Each planet fits perfectly into the base as a puzzle, but the entire piece is simply eye-catching when propped up as artwork in your home. The pieces sit deep enough in the base that it can be leaned up at an angle against the wall without them falling out, however it cannot be completely vertical. The smallest planet, Mercury, is merely half an inch across while the largest, Jupiter, is 4.3 inches. We have done our best to scale their sizes to reflect the real life planets and the sun’s arc showcases how immense it is in comparison to all of the planets. Names are engraved along the orbit lines and a teeny tiny dot up in the top right corner hints at Pluto.

Made to order and ships in two to three weeks. The entire base measures 8 inches wide and 16 inches tall.