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Original Wood Finish

Rp 150.000

All of Treasure With Jennifer products are conditioned with natural oils from the brand Tried and True. The oils condition and soften the wood, giving it a beautiful shine and bringing out the lovely various colors each tree presents. It is non-toxic, naturally made, food safe, and family friendly. This 2-ounce bottle contains beeswax and flaxseed oil (aka linseed). No other additives. The products you purchase from us really will not require any need to reapply the oil, but sometimes it is fun to go ahead and give them a new coat to make them shiny again.

Applying the oil is as easy as rubbing lotion on your skin. You can use your fingers or a cloth. Rub it into the wood, using as little as possible since it really doesn’t take very much at all. Allow it to soak for a little while, perhaps an hour. Then buff any excess off.