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Patrick Greenwood, the founder of Kontu began his inspiring journey shortly after the birth of his daughter when he wasn’t able to find any engaging math tools for younger children. His curiosity then led him to research about the brain development in children and the introduction of mathematical concepts to children before they start primary school and from these concepts, he invented Kontu STEM Blocks.

Kontu STEM Blocks are a modular manipulative system that allow children across a wide range of ages and skill levels to explore STEM concepts in a playful way. STEM is an approach to development and learning that combines the areas of Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics.

Magnetic STEM Blocks can be used to:

– Learn to count
– Learn to recognize numerals
– Explore simple physics like weight, balance, and spinning
– Build structures
– Explore magnetism

The clever design of Kontu STEM Blocks provide children with a learning kit that can be used for exploring, discovering and comprehending mathematical theories, magnetism, building, spatial awareness and many other scientific concepts. The shape of the frames and integrated magnetic blocks invite children to use their imagination and creativity whilst expanding their knowledge and playing with this open-ended toy and learning tool.

All Kontu products are made in Thailand from sustainably harvested rubber tree wood and rare earth magnets.