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The Cyclone

Rp 3.200.000

The Quadrilla Cyclone is a large and challenging marble run. Two spiralling funnels, 12 curved precision crafted birch rails and 10 power-boosting accelerators inspire builders to design in increasingly complex ways to create the ultimate marble run.
Quadrilla Marble runs have always offered a world of unlimited 3-dimensional thinking and creativity. From simple to complex, small to large, for young and old Quadrilla marble runs offer an endless amount of fun designing and playing with natural wood blocks, rails and glass marbles.
Quadrilla marble runs offer a world of unlimited possibilities for 3-dimensional thinking, creativity and technical understanding for young and old.  Watch the marbles drop from one rail to the next making a fascinating sound as it races down the track. All marble run sets are extendable and can be joined together

The set includes 92 wooden pieces, 100 marbles and an idea filled manual.

Details :

  • 36 coloured blocks
  • 20 height adjusters
  • 10 base rings
  • 17 connectors
  • 2 twist rails
  • 12 curved rails
  • 100 marbles
  • 1 cotton storage bag
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