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Building Set Wooden Train

Rp 1.300.000

train driver runs its small wooden train on all standard wooden tracks as well as on smooth flooring. With this train, the rainbow friends can go on a long journey or transport ever-changing freight from here to there. We have made our little wooden train as a construction game, so it can sometimes race over the rails as a modern high speed train or be a more nostalgic-looking locomotive. We are already looking forward to the many travel stories that our construction toy train will soon tell!

Note: the train drivers are of course gender neutral, and because they do not have a fixed facial expression, they can be either sad or happy. Made from maple wood and hand-painted, each is as unique as our children. With their simple appearance the child’s own imagination can have free expression, instead of restricting it through offering too much detail. And that’s why the little train driver can easily become a police officer, teacher or construction worker in the big world of children’s imagination.

To connect the wagons, the string is placed in a short loop over the dowels and fixed with the base plates.

Wooden train driver made in maple wood + 16 pieces + string

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