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Grapat 12 Nins Wizard (Magos)

Rp 820.000

The Grapat Nins Magos are open ended and displayed without a gender or expression, allowing children to develop their own stories with their imagination and creativitiy.

They come in 12 different colours and match with many of the other Grapat sets such as the Grapat Nins Carla or Grapat 12 Nins. They can also be combined with block sets to transform simple elements into a fantasy world.

My personal favourite part about the Magos is their flat hats,meaning they can be stacked up high unlike the traditional Nins with rounded heads.


Includes 12 Nins Magos  in 12 different rainbow colours and gift box.

It is recommended for children aged 12 months+.

The Grapat Nins Magos measure 6 cm in height.

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