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Flockmen is precision carved from humble wood which fits perfectly in the palm of your hand. It is a chance to be present in the moment. It is counting without even realizing you’re learning. A chance to switch on your creativity. An invitation to build impossibly high towers, bridges and monuments. An open door to play with no goal in mind. It is maths, science and art. Let Flockmen be the heroes of your children’s story.

Flockmen are Safe, Sustainable and Ethical

Flockmen are made to the highest quality standards and will provide a safe environment for your children to play, discover and thrive. They are CE certified and tested by an internationally accredited laboratory to comply with EN71 toy safety regulations.

The production, quality assurance and distribution of Flockmen can be located in the small but beautiful country of Latvia. Their goal is to cooperate with local suppliers and utilise the local traders and their knowledge. They choose to invest in the surrounding community and believe the people they work with are their greatest asset. Flockmen are a family run business and value their relationships higher than gold. They oversee the entire process, from product design to product testing, to manufacturing, quality control and fulfillment and are proud of the fact that they have total control from start to finish.