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Avdar Gym – Magnetic Board

Rp 1.200.000

This cleverly designed double-sided magnetic drawing board is compatible with the triangle pikler and activity play gym, where you can hang it over the rails of the pikler/gym.

One side of the board is of chalkboard material, and the other side is of whiteboard material. It can be wiped clean with a sponge or wet cloth. Both sides of the board have magnetic properties which further expand their possibility of use.

The board can be hung securely on the rails with it’s S-shaped hanging design and the bottom has a convenient groove which allows for storage of drawing materials. You may also use the board independently as a normal drawing board.

It is also portable and easy to carry out for car trips, cafes and etc..

And even better, both sides are magnetic and kids can simply stick on their magnetic tiles, alphabets & numbers for more fun play!

Size: 56cm x 44cm

Weight: 1.65kg

Material: Multilayer Birchwood

Coating: Non-toxic water-based paint