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About Us

Hi everyone, we are a young family of four who are very passionate about play-based learning.  As parents, Roma and I (Fiona) have strong passion to create play-based learning activities for our children almost daily. With our constant research for play ideas and educational toys for our children, we eventually fall in love with the open-ended toys concept and its vast benefits. These open-ended toys are mostly great to stimulate children’s imagination and promote creativity where they also have endless of play possibilities.

At Kulala Toys, we focus on searching toys that are made of great quality materials which can also be kept for generations to come.  Roma and I have been running our toy store with strong passion and full dedication where we also have an excellent team to support our day-to-day operation. Our mission is to provide high-quality open-ended toys to the children and families here in Indonesia and it is also in our utmost interest to provide an excellent customer shopping experience with great customer service.

With love,